Yearly Review

2016-2017, Year One

The years continue to pass by faster and faster. My first year in high green-background-1353140019w7xschool has almost ended, yet early memories from the year feel like they were just yesterday and not a couple months ago. Having watched others grow alongside me makes me wonder about the changes I might’ve gone through. I suppose the old proverb, “they grow up so fast,” is true when you’re the one watching, but harder to see for yourself. I don’t think I’m a different person, but perhaps an extension of myself from before.

Starting off, some parts of the year were a bit scratchy.  Failure wasn’t exactly a friend or a stranger. One of the biggest examples was my participation in band. Though not trying to sound depressing, band made me feel irritated and marginalized most of the year. The complaints arose mainly musically, yet the environment itself had become confining. However, the experience had some positivity in pushing my preparation for an artistic education track. I just assumed my change from band would have been on a lighter note.

On a more substantial growth from disappointment, GHEnglish helped me out in terms of my own writing. (GHEnglish is the term for the class often talked about on The Concept Garden.)  GHEnglish is nowhere near the distaste I had for band, in fact I mainly enjoy the class with its different perspectives and learning strategies. On the other hand, my writing pieces being analyzed so harshly in the beginning of the year startled me at first. I wasn’t used to my writing being actively criticized and marked so heavily. The low 3295704549_51c0d0f311_bgrades caused my optimism to drop. However, my disappointment led me to a phase of rethinking my writing. Though rocky at first, eventually I became more happy with my essays and projects. Problems were brought up only for me to realize and solve them. While it’s true I’m nowhere near being a worshipped writer, I have gotten a lot better by sheer honesty.

Change matched with success hadn’t hurt either. I actively pursue art, an often repeated topic of my life, and each year always carries a new weight to my artwork. In the beginning of the year, however, I was separated from the art programs I was using before. Even more, I had abandoned the most notable way to get my art out into the world due to stress. I separated myself from art for a brief period. Only later on did I get back into art with a restored purpose. My style hadn’t changed, but I had decided to draw for myself and myself alone. The changes from that decision were wonderful. I even found some inspirations for my art career I’m actively following, leading me to a bright future full of yellow-green_grosbeackoptions if I’m determined enough.

Some things can’t be put into victories or failures. After all, a year can’t really be put into what you do and do not do. There are countless ways to go on in this reflection; I could talk about the reinforced relationships with my friends or the new relationships I forged along the way, perhaps I could talk about my first experiences with debating this year or the places I visited as I had. Sadly, I don’t have the time to rewrite an entire year. What I can confidently say is life is surely different. Though one can never know what’s coming, I’m already anticipating the changes next year will bring.