Hello! My name is Kendall. Currently I’m a Pennsylvanian High-School student with highest honors and an education focused on the arts. I’ve been working deletetowards a graphic design career over the last four years, participating at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the University of the Arts. These extra classes have not only helped my art career, but also helped me to see more of the community.  

I’m also busying myself currently with other small hobbies. Cooking, gardening, ornithology, and public speaking are high-ranking interests for me right now. To build these hobbies, I’ve participated in debate and science fairs. I’ve performed volunteer work at pantries and teaching courses to continue these passions. However, this blog is not just about me.

The Concept Garden is a blog is to record, share, and extend the possibilities of my education and possibly yours. By recording the projects and activities I do in school, I aim to find out how education can be turned and twisted but still keep it’s main goal: to teach and inspire students.

Thank you so much for your time, and please don’t hesitate to get involved on this portfolio. A flower won’t bloom without a little hard work!