Other: Character Creation and The Matrix

Disclaimer: The following post is a class assignment in response to watching The Matrix. Students were told to fully explore the scenario the movie introduces by creating a character that would fit into the film, and create three distinct responses for the beginning, middle, and end of the movie that the characters would create. In this case, my own character, per se, was dubbed “Andromeda.” If possible, it’s highly advised that a reader of this post have knowledge of the movie to understand the following. Thank you!

Andromeda:  Communication #1:

          Can one fall so far that the world seems to stop? Before I was sure I knew the limits to my curiosity. We all, as our makeshift group, were pushing for new information in our determined searching. We hunted for something that seemed like myth, the mystery of the “matrix” that was unclear to us. But now that I’ve found it, I’m not sure if I want to know what happens next. I’ve stepped out of a cave but now I’m blinded by the bright 24618-fx-6-0-6-3-0-0light in front of me.

I thought I’d simply find the last puzzle piece and move to the next project. But all I’ve found is an open world of more lost pieces.

Didn’t curiosity kill the cat? Is this how life will lead me to the end? They say this is my “last chance” when I just made my first decision. Black and white has turned to red and blue. I think I have stepped over my boundaries, I’ve teetered too close to the cliff’s edge and fallen. My world, if before a windowless jail, is now an unbearable rock to be chained to. I can see everything clearly now, but the question becomes if I really want to see the train barreling towards me.

I am sorry. I cannot tell you anymore right now. I’m already being as vague as I can… they’re tracking me right now, I know it. Wish me luck. As I’ve been told, there much more to this “rabbit hole” to explore.

Signing off now, Andromeda.  

Andromeda: Communication #2:

          I know what I must do now… I know where my efforts have led me to. Every answer is splintering across a sky of technology, lighting up moments with codes and bars. Each light has a story… they shout curiosity, bliss, joy,  sadness, excitement, fear. Stories scream past blurred emerald lines, almost as if they were celebrating my notice 4543106995_260dec32d5_bof them. It makes someone want to cry at the sheer realization of how many different experiences are happening at once.

But none of these emotions are real.

The matrix that we’ve been looking for… it’s a personalized hell disguised as heaven. How was I told this horror so calmly? “A simulation, a dreamworld, a form on control.” One could not explain death with the same calm facade. Yet, is it not the same? Those who are trapped lose all sense of their own selves. They’ve been lost to energy harvests and a “digital self’ even I cannot tear myself from fully. Here, it is said that the body cannot live without the mind. Thus, are those trapped and plugged into the matrix nothing but a shell without control over their own brains? I do not know whether to have more fear for those in the system or for myself, wherein just my last communication revealed I wished to stay in darkness.

Can I change my thoughts now with this new information, or am I stuck defined as my past actions and own attitude?

Signing off now, Andromeda.

Andromeda: Communication #3:

          As soon as one finds realization do they find the end of the issue they thought so long about. One second is an apocalypse while the next moment is another static-filled void in its replacement. Workers left behind are stuck in a sea of emotion after what has happened these past days. Glory, wariness, shock, whether it be these or more or even less, there is an obvious reminder for every elimination. And what could be more of an elimination than the solution to our biggest threat?

Our goal is not complete, and yet we 34462109_21f81c5244_zcan all feel the creep of nothing rising. What is left for us but ourselves after the end is impossible to consider. The “One” solved everything and took our duty. The rest of us, in the background, fuzzy, are left to ourselves. No goal is left to complete when the two (who make up the “One?”) are the only solution. Everyone else is only to follow commands to “not think of [everything] as right or wrong,” or to contemplate the self wherein it is only us who may “bend.” These challenges to our mind feel like distractions now, don’t you think?

I do not know if it is because the problem is still occurring, or whether it is because the problem is drawing to a close, but I feel no closer to adjusting to reality. I know nothing but the truth, and that does not seem like enough.

Signing off for good, Andromeda.


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