Projects: The Swan Song of Romeo and Juliet

“Whether near or far,
    I am always yours.”        – “End of All Things” by Panic! At the Disco

All things, even plays, will eventually meet their end. Having finished Romeo and Juliet, our class has once again done a project to encompass what we’ve taken away from the story. Given the same requirements as the last project, my own work seen here, the class was only told to pick a different idea from past suggestions. Thus, instead of doing a poster, I decided to make a soundtrack to fit in with the play.9759224905_691c071e19_b

I do realize that, at first, a modern-esque soundtrack is a bit strange to promote the core messages of a sixteenth century play. After all, a book by itself with stage cues doesn’t necessarily tell you what song should be playing in the background as lines are read aloud. However, with the common trend of films and other media playing off of Romeo and Juliet, a lot can be said for the effect music can have on a moment. Countless movies these days can be applauded for their work with music. Hence, I took it upon myself to promote my own soundtrack as a way to show character’s emotions or the key motifs Romeo and Juliet often plays on, like that of love or disastrous feuds.

6669672965_91fa7ed5d8_bMore so, I wanted Romeo and Juliet’s motifs and emotions to convey that the play’s characters can live beyond their given lines. Events that tie the story together, the exchange of focus, and the unsaid values passed along in Verona all create a sense of something larger. How most of Shakespeare’s writing has lasted to this day in places one may not even recognize dances around these ideas and gains noticeable attention. Hence, even across different genres and musical techniques, I wanted it to seem that society still loves playing off of Romeo and Juliet’s classic tale.

Found at the bottom of this post will be the link to both my Prezi presentation I’d put together to convey a simple and interactive guide on the soundtrack, along with a dedicated list of reasons of why I’d picked the songs I had.

Thank you so much for reading, and please do check those attachments out for the full experience of the project!


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