Books We’re Reading: Letter to Romeo from Mercutio

“What care I / What curious eye doth cote deformities? / Here are the beetle brows shall blush for me.” – William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Disclaimer: The following post is done as a character analysis and theme analysis of love for the play Romeo and Juliet assigned in class. The written letter will be through the perspectives of act one and act two. In the case of this sample, the interacting subjects are Mercutio and Romeo and written in Shakespearean era language much like that used the play. As well, if these types of posts interest you, do check out my post on “skaz” inspired by Catcher in the Rye unit we had done previously. Thank you!

Oh pink lover Romeo,

So thee asketh me for holp with love, remains_of_a_burnt_letter_of_lovedoth thee? How thee suffer! Love, like a fill’d with pangs of hunger dog at night, followeth thy every footstep. Thee complain, quite bitterly, each time thee stumble and the dog bites. Mine gentle cousin, wherefore doth thee not see thy solution? As I has’t hath said, love is a foe at which hour thee giveth ‘t such weaknesses. To winneth thee must not stumble and thee must not tremble in its sight. Thee must standeth stout. For what, fair Romeo, is love if ‘t be true thee suffer from ‘t? Though love may beest compared to only a fairy’s dream, forsooth thy dream is now reality.  Thee wanteth to fly hence but thy escape is now a cage! I understandeth thy pain. But, resorting to surrender? Such an action is barbaric and the horror. Thee knoweth this, Romeo.

Peradventure, Romeo, love doest not 5221859997_9c8cc5eb3f_bdeserve thee anyhow. Thee calleth every wench the song of the sun!  Doest the sun not burn at which hour thee receiveth too close? Doest the heat not receiveth too intense, too burning? Has’t thee ever looked to the Earth, or at least looked to angels? Spare that between God and dirt lacking valor. Findeth a middle ground, I beg of thee. While love’s perception is hath lost in songs and jokes I assure thee love’s effect is not. Thee understandeth I care about thee, aye? No cousin hath ever guided me like thou has’t. We has’t a connection, Romeo. Doth thee disrespect ‘t? Doth thee spit on ‘t? Is this a game to thee? Thee bethink thee can breaketh every soul thee cometh across just due to 5529095583_7ba5db7403_bthy stature. A pox on you if ‘t be true.

Alas, forgive mine humor.

….If ‘t be true thee wilt not square, Romeo, I loseth mine faith and confidence in how thee survive. Thou has’t nev’r hath left a sword unused. So at which hour I calleth thee to battle, thee knoweth what must beest done, thee canker-blossom.

From thy lief and insightful cousin, Mercutio.


2 thoughts on “Books We’re Reading: Letter to Romeo from Mercutio

  1. This is a great letter. The use of Shakespearean language really made it seem more realistic and it was very cool. I also liked how you told Romeo as Mercutio , “Peradventure, Romeo, love doest not deserve thee anyhow.” The perspective seemed very realistic coming from Romeo’s cousin, and it all made sense. The advice seems like I could use it for myself as well. All in all, I am very impressed and I loved the organization. Great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback! It was incredibly fun to write this. (Do know though, I was trying to use “cousin” as the friendly term, considering that Mercutio has no familial relation to Romeo. But either way, thanks again!)


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